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Divinity in Form

This last healing session I facilitated was a powerful catalyst and gave me some precious gifts. I am so grateful for the ever-flowing generosity of the Universe.

From the very start of the session, it was like stepping into an already rushing river; there were no signposts, no solid ground, no stillness from which to sort out “from where” to “the next”. It was a if a Great Presence swept me up and included me in it’s mysterious workings – there were clear instructions but without explanations as to the fullness of what was occurring – which was all so fast it was all I could do to move my body from one thing to the next and serve as a grounding, a certain type of energy translator into this dimension.

It taught me that to do my work at this time there isn’t anything to “learn” per say, on the personality level, other than how to become more and more skilled at getting out of the way and allowing the Divine, the many legions of beings here to assist us in our healing and Ascension, to do the work through me.

There is a song by Abbi Spinner that goes:

“Sing through my voice

Play through my hands

Let the Way Be Open “

It has become a mantra for sure, these simple lines.

Most of all, the session experience humbled me.

It was a potent reminder that in truth, every one of us is availed of a tremendous and overflowing level of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness… and so often the only thing in the way of what we need most requires a quality of surrender and Trust that asks everything of us and thereby changes us forever. Thus, in this sacred alchemy, the gates of our hearts and minds can be opened to receive what is our birthright, our true essential nature ~ Divinity in form.

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