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What is Sound Healing?

What is "Sound Healing"?

Sound is a basic building block of the manifest universe.

Saying "I am grateful" or "I Love you" is Sound Healing.

Letting your body cry out in joy or in grief is Sound Healing.

Spending time in nature away from the sounds of urban life is Sound Healing.

In the cacophony of man-made sounds, even silence becomes Sound Healing.

Having access to tools such as singing bowls and tuning forks, drums, rattles, etc. is wonderful too ~ but no matter which medium is used for Sound Healing, it is the intention we carry into our practice that ultimately guides the process and the outcome.

Our bodies are energy fields, natural RESONATORS that send out signals in constant motion. Whatever we ATTUNE ourselves to (in thought and feeling) broadcasts out into the universe and ultimately affects everything in creation.

We are a bit like a guitar that can go out of tune and sound discordant. Sound can help us retune... when we forget, when we feel disconnected.

One of the ways to shift our experience/frequency is by the simple yet powerful act of asking our Higher Guidance for assistance in the moment to return to a natural state of equilibrium. Even small flashes of this is sometimes a tremendous victory.

Let us sound out our authentic voices, sound into the places we have neglected, left out, or hidden. Let us rejoice in the rainbow and incredible spectrum of human experience that allows us to really embody what LOVE really is.

Your voice is important. Vital. It is so powerful to hear someone speak from the heart openly, it is Sound Healing for all of us.

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