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SOUND is a wonderful way to quickly and gently go beyond the mind and into the still place within where the body knows exactly how to release what it no longer needs and begin to heal itself.   

RECONNECT with your true SELF and your Inner Guidance



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Holly Cedarheart

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Holly Cedarheart is passionate about helping people to connect with their innate gifts - and ultimately helping to heal the human wound of separation from Source.  She experiences the body 'temple' as a living being that carries deep wisdom ~ having both the capacity to self heal and regenerate as well as hold the unique "codes" or inner treasures we were born with.  Now is the time to activate these codes! 


Sound is a powerful way to awaken and communicate with the deepest aspects of our physical and energetic selves; commune directly with the marrow of our bones and literally re-shape matter!  Sound knows no language barrier and is multidimensional in nature, helping us to remember our larger, more expanded Self.  With intention, we can unlock and release ancestral information for the upliftment and clearing of our lineages, ultimately opening the way for the incoming generations to carry fully their gifts into this life.

Holly holds the body as a place to be "at home" as opposed to finding a "way out".  This involves a practice of Loving, radical acceptance for the emotional/mental state at any given moment, as opposed to trying to "fix" or shut out the difficult experiences.  Sound can be soothing and relaxing and bring about a homeostasis that restores physical/emotional/mental balance to empower this "homecoming" into the physical body.


Holly's holistic healing work began over 30 years ago in the midst of her own healing crisis.  She has worked with many modalities and practitioners, including Massage/Bodywork, Reiki, Acutonics, Crystal Healing & Gridwork, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Grief Tending, Breathwork, Shamanic work and plant medicines.  


She works with sound on and around the body, using her intuitive gifts to sense and “see” what areas need attention. Holly is also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and uses muscle testing to help resolve core issues such as chronic pain and unwanted life patterns.  Remote Energy Healing Sessions available.  An in-person session can include a combination of singing bowls, tuning forks, bodywork, drum, voice, crystals and essential oils to bring about deep relaxation and stress relief. She enjoys working with children and animals as well as adults.

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